Slack is where your class is.
Now create memories within Slack!

That virtual cookout you are planning with your class should be about your carbonara recipe. Not about waitlists and meeting invites.

Two clicks, and Heidi will take care of the details. You focus on making memories.

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Events truly designed for Slack

Smooth, yet powerful. Easy, yet effective. That’s how creating events should be.
And that's how it is - now.

Heidi in your everyday school life

School is all about the people, not just about the classes. As we meet people differently now, Heidi will help you do just that.

Host Parties

Looking to invite your whole class? You can do that. Trying to get a small group together for a Friday night hangout? You can do that too.

Set up 1:1s

Whether it is for a quick game of online chess, to catch up over a game of tennis, or to simply grab some coffee and muse on life, the universe and everything, we got you.

Organize study groups

You don't have to work on your finance assignment or your consulting case prep alone. Get a group together with Heidi's help, and unlock the power of community.

Integrate in your current workflows

You don't have to change a thing. Heidi will plug right into your existing workflows, so you can continue to use the apps you use - just more seamlessly than even before.

Export to Google Sheets

Are you currently using Google Sheets for managing events? Heidi will integrate with your existing Google sheets, so you don't have to switch apps every time.

Zoom Integration

Start virtual events right from Slack with Heidi's help. Happy Zooming!

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